Mark patrick seminars dates 2019

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Mark patrick seminars dates 2019

Call business Mark Patrick Seminars. Write a review. Reviews Google Reviews Sort By: 5 results available. I was skeptical going in but am… I was skeptical going in but am pleasantly surprised!! I have been smoke free for 3 months now and feeling great! Yes they offer supplements but I did not buy any and was still able to quit smoking easily.

Definitely worth it! Lacie Christensen on Facebook. He is a man who just wants to help people help themselves to be the best of ourselves!!!

You are in your own home and cozy and more easliy relaxes. And Mark Patrick can help you get all that you deserve!!!! Stacie Kimball Skillings on Facebook. I was not drinking water though out the day only to takes my meds. I have lost 11 pounds in the first month. I was able to give up coffee without side effects, I no longer want sweets, or loaded carbohydrate foods.

I feel better then I have in years. I can not wait for aqua aerobics and look forward to riding my bike. I have recommended Marks seminars to everyone.

Thank you Mark for your dedication to your clients. I can not wait to reach my goal of pounds by August 17th Susan Cluck on Facebook. Chuck Bailey on Facebook. My experience was subtle.Larry is awesome. Until today, I have never been hypnotized. I have attended "theatrical" hypnosis shows.

Mark Patrick Seminars Reviews

BUT I have never attended a seminar that uses hypnosis as an aid for behavioral modification. I was extremely impressed with the entire event and had no idea that I had been under for so long. Already feeling the positive affects. Larry made it very enjoyable.

I think Larry did a fantastic job. Pat was terrific. Funny, realistic and informative. Larry was entertaining but also sincere. Larry was very professional and hilarious at the same time. Id recommend his seminars to anyone who has a weight problem or needs to stop smoking. Curious to see how tonight's hypnotism session will help me in my weight loss journey. Thank you! Larry was very energetic and great. Good diction with a clear speaking voice with no accent. Great presentation and the relaxation was awesome.

So glad this seminar came to the Toledo area.

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Very funny and entertaining we enjoyed the whole experience but one suggestion slow down a tiny bit some of the first part was hard to follow. Enjoyed Larrys enthusiasm. Left craving apples, bananas and water. Immediately started chewing my food twenty times and putting my fork down between bites. I have never been able to eat slowly. I believe those suggestions made were working. I felt so refreshed, relaxed and optimistic after.

Thank you. Just went so the weight loss seminar. So I can't say if it works or not. I hope so. The speaker seemed nice. The only thing that disappointed me was that they pitched vitamins that could cost hundreds of dollars. Too pricey for me so I hope I can do it without them. Awesome experience, Went for Stop Smoking and been smoke free since.

Seems to be working great. It's only been a week but haven't had a single cigarette. Instructor was full of energy and enthusiasm. I attended the seminar this everand I was pleasantly surprised. Jeff was very straight forward about the whole process and introduced all of the products available for purchase up front. He made it very clear that this was optional and not necessary for success.Join the nearly 50, clients we see every year and attend this life changing program!

How Does It Work? Our program combines hypnosis, programming, guided visual imagery and other powerful technologies designed to help eliminate your unwanted smoking cravings and your desire for cigarettes while you drink coffee, have a cocktail, while driving, while on break or even in the company of other smokers.

You move, think, hear and concentrate without the slightest effort. Will It Work For Me? This program is designed so cigarettes no longer get the best of you.

Eau Claire WI – Mark Patrick Lose Weight Seminar With Hypnosis

By the end of the program you must be completely satisfied. Or, you may have a full refund up to days after the seminar.

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We offer this money-back guarantee for one reason and one reason only…we designed this stop smoking technology to work. Save My Seat It is not necessary to pre-register on this page, but it is highly recommended as there is limited seating at your seminar. Just click the green button above to register and reserve your seat. Payment is made when you arrive at the door. We accept all forms of payment.

When you pre-register on this page to save your seat, your ticket will be emailed to you. Online registration ends 10 minutes prior to the seminar starting, however you can still attend by registering at the door as a walk-in.

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Hypnosis For Weight Loss Interview with Mark Patrick

Featured Articles. All rights reserved. Create new account Request new password. February 6, - pm - pm.I was skeptical going in but am pleasantly surprised!!

Mark Patrick Seminars: The Hype-nosis

I have been smoke free for 3 months now and feeling great! Yes they offer supplements but I did not buy any and was still able to quit smoking easily. Definitely worth it! The seminar was interesting and verified some of the things I already knew. Most of the information was old news and tossed together to formulate this seminar.

mark patrick seminars dates 2019

Nothing earth-shattering. What a rip. Highly discounted from the extraordinarily over-priced materials is more the truth. I already have a bunch of relaxation music. The other stuff appears to be just tossed together and is anecdotal at best. Do Not waste your money on the extra materials. My bottom line.

This is a waste of time and money. This type of program needs regular positive reinforcement over a period of time. A one-time session with the promise of who knows when future free sessions did not work for me and I doubt that it is working for the majority of participants.

Prove me wrong on this! I doubt that you can. BTW the discounted and can only get this deal here supplements really turned me off. The company where these can be purchased through is notoriously overpriced. The supplement plan is a complete impulse sales trick. I can, and do, get better elsewhere for about the same price as the discounted seminar price. Worked as advertised, been about a month and half or so, have not smoked.

Smoked for about 35 years, be ready to invest in the supporting supplements in addition to the enrollment fee, worth it. Dude asked me to take a chance and really what did I have to lose? What I lost was a bad habit i had for 35 years, lost it that night, just as advertised. After smoking 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes a day for 48 years I was quite sceptical about this working but it did I haven't had a cigarette in 6 weeks now and I am getting my breath back I still get winded but not as bad as it was thank you Mark Patrick and a special thank you to Larry you are the best.

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I went to the quit smoking seminar on March 8th in Arizona. John specifically asked everyone to shut off their phones for the second half of this seminar.Date: From: Mark Patrick. Of course, you want to stop smoking and feel healthy. But you've tried so many times with so many different methods you don't know who or what to believe anymore. You just want your frustration with cigarettes to stop more than anything else, and you should! That's where I come in.

My name is Mark Patrick and I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist that can end your struggles with cigarettes and help you become the non-smoker you always dreamed you could be!

mark patrick seminars dates 2019

A recent client of mine Bonnie Stovall tried to quit smoking for about 7 years having tried the most common methods to stop smoking the patch, gum, prescription drugs, cold turkey, and nothing worked!

She was never able to go more than a couple of grueling days or weeks without starting back smoking and the entire time all she did was think about smoking. My friend told me about Mark's programs. I decided to try it them. I started on November 17 and from that day I have never smoked another cigarette.

mark patrick seminars dates 2019

I owe my life to Mark. I could not have done it without him and his help. I smoked for 35 years up to 10 packs a week. I tried several times to quit using nicotine patches, zyban, and nothing has worked for me. I wish I had been hypnotized a long time ago. It really worked for me. I feel great now! I was a smoker for 25 years. I tried several methods to quit I heard about Mark's programs and I was a little skeptical, but thought what the heck it has a money back guarantee, what can I lose?

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What I lost was a bad habit! I feel great Lebanon KY. I have been smoking since I was 13 now I did the program and I have not had any desire to smoke. Thank you for helping me out. I know, because it has worked for thousands of people just like you. However, I don't expect you to believe me until you see even more proof.Or you may see an ad in your local paper or online inviting you to come on down. For starters, consider the premise of the program: Losing weight or stopping our spelling smoking through hypnosis.

Sounds a little iffy, but hey, maybe we should give Mark Patrick the benefit of the doubt as he knows more about this stuff than we do, being a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists NGH and all. OK, but we can trust that the testimonials are typical of what most attendees will get from the program, right? Reads part of a disclaimer at the bottom of markpatrickseminars. Such results are exceptional or atypical and are not to be expected by the average person using these programs or methods.

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